Effortless Pain

Effortless Pain is a weekly newsletter on personal stories with a psychological and Buddhist twist. But, more than anything, is about my personal healing path acknowledging and befriending pain. I hope this will inspire you to have a new relationship with pain, or at least, entertain you.

Topics may include but are not limited to

  • Buddhism

  • Psychology

  • Mental Health

  • Single life

  • Single motherhood by choice

  • Adoption

  • NFTs (oh yes!) and Web3

  • virtual communities

  • culture critiques

  • LatinX’s issues

  • gender

  • dating and relationships

My only disclaimer: Nothing can be guaranteed and everyone’s journey is different. As journeys vary, so do obstacles for liberation. But it is worth a try.

Who am I? I am a Puerto Rican clinical psychologist, academic, adoptive mother, feminist, Buddhist, atheist, leftist, cisgender, heteroflexible woman on her late 30s. It is from my multiple identities, my personal experience, my academic work and my clinical experience that I speak of. I am biased and it’s OK if you are too, but not prejudiced; that is not Ok.

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